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An elite, cost-saving, pay-as-you-go Analytics as a Service (AaaS)

BIS.Net Analyst is leading the modern era in the delivery of Analytics as a Service (AaaS), providing an elite suite of classical and augmented machine-powered analytics through pay-as-you-go desktop Apps. Whether you need the complete set of analytics or only just a few tools, simply choose ONLY the Apps you need and then pay ONLY for the analysis you run!

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Choose What You Need

Download (FREE) ONLY the Apps with the analytics you need. Never invest in more than you require.

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NO Fixed Subscriptions

Pay ONLY for the analysis you run each month. Don't analyze, don't pay! Control spend, save on cost of ownership!

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Never pay for analytics when not used

FREE, Automatic Updates

Always be ahead with the latest technologies and features, automatically updated to your downloaded Apps!

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Machine-Powered Technology

Built-in machine-powered capabilities for more accurate, smarter insights required to drive improvement.

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BIS.Net Analyst offers a lower cost of ownership for the analytics you need! With no licencing or fixed subscriptions, NEVER pay for tools when not used, ONLY when you run an analysis from rates as low as a few cents per analysis!

Everything you need for quick ad-hoc analysis!

200 Analytics Tools across 14 Apps

33 SPC and 14 Hybrid SPC Charts, 20 Process Performance Distributions, 15 MSA Tests, 16 Sampling Plans, 18 Inferences Tests, 47 Visualization Tools, and more.

Ease of Use

Launch the APP you need and run your analysis - fast and direct! No nested menus to navigate through! Watch video and see for yourself!

Seamless Data Connectivity

Source data with ease from Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle or Excel.

Features You Need

Add comments, email, export, manage users, control spend, and more.

Focused Outputs, Keeping It Relevant

Each App is self-contained and purpose-built, providing focused outputs and features relevant only to a specific application. EG: SPC.

Ease Of Use - How to perform an ad-hoc analysis with BIS.Net Analyst

Built-in machine-powered algorithms for smarter, more reliable insights

More accurate Inferences, more reliable Sampling Plans, Distribution Independent Process Capability, Innovative Dynamic Plateau Charts, Dynamic Performance Charts, Hybrid SPC, Deviation from Target Charts, Dynamic Slope Charts, MSA Dart Boards, Distribution Optimized Charts, Stream Process Performance, and more.

Trusted by thousands of manufacturing sites worldwide

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Qtech International has specialized in the development of quality information systems and analytic technologies for leading manufacturing corporations for 30 years in 40 countries. Our research into machine-powered algorithms has spanned over 10 years, with foundation research being university supervised prior. Research has involved many sectors, including manufacturing, health, political campaigning, retail, finance and more.

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Start Slow! Build As Your Analytics Needs Grow!

Start with 1 App and download more as you go along! Pay ONLY for the analysis you run! Don't analyze data, Don't Pay!