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BIS.Net Analyst (S.a.a.S): A scaleable, build your own analytics software service

BIS.Net Analyst (S.A.A.S) provides a comprehensive range of analytics and machine-learning tools which have been modularized into self-contained Desktop Apps for your choosing.

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Everything You Need, Always Evolving

BIS.Net Analyst (S.a.a.S) caters to the fast-paced, ever-changing data analysis needs of organizations big and small. We ensure you have the latest set of analytics so you can rapidly solve problems and make more informed data-driven decisions that drive business performance.

200+ Analytics and Growing

We have a growing number of analytic tools with robust features suitable for all industries including manufacturing, health care, sales, finance, service and more.

Machine-Powered technology

Includes advanced machine learning and predictive analytics that provide greater and more efficient insights into your data for driving smarter, data-driven decisions.

Always Up To Date

Always be up to date with the latest features and technologies through uninterupted automatic updates.

Ease Of Use, Rapid Outputs

Launch the APP you need and run your analysis. Minimal input required. Fast and focused outputs for easy intepretation by all. Ideal for quick ad-hoc analysis!

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Analytics Suite

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Quality Assurance

Harness your data and detect quality problems at its earliest, enabling you to make more informed decisions that minimize costs, reduce wastage and drive customer satisfaction through superior quality.

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Maximise the value of your data and drive the right decisions that achieve bottom line business goals. Ideal for ad-hoc and indepth data analysis into sales, expenditure, consumer behaviour, market trends and much more.

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Machine Learning

Leverage the power of machine-learning for obtaining maximum data insights that drive smarter, data-driven decisions. Tools include PERT, Decision Trees, Constrained Resource Optimization, Regression analysis, and more.

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Excel Add-On

Have data in Excel that needs analyzing? Download the Excel Add-On and seamlessly integrate into your Excel workbook. Suitable for Business and Quality Assurance. Ideal for 'getting started' with BIS.Net Analyst.

Trusted Worldwide

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Qtech International has specialized in the development of quality information systems and analytic technologies for leading manufacturing corporations for 30 years in 40 countries. Our research into machine-powered algorithms has spanned over 10 years, with foundation research being university supervised prior. Research has involved many sectors, including manufacturing, health, political campaigning, retail, finance and more.

Recently we have conducted a comprehensive statistical analysis into the Covid-19 pandemic for medical professionals, lawyers and senators.

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