Statistically based Analysis as a Service (AaaS) for citizen data scientists, data analysts and quality assurance professionals

BIS.Net Analyst™ provides a comprehensive set of classical and augmented machine-powered analytics through pay-per-use PC Apps, delivering actionable insights that drive smarter decisions, research, and improvements. Already own software? No need to discontinue! Download ONLY the Apps with the analytics you need and pay ONLY for the tools you use when you use.

Similar to Software As A Service (SaaS), except only pay for usage, not the software

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Uses machine-powered intelligence where classical methods no longer work

Self-contained, focused PC Apps without the clutter of irrelevant analytics

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Pay ONLY for the analysis you run! Don't Analyze, Don't Pay - the way a service should be!

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Pay Per Analysis

Usage invoiced monthly! Set a monthly threshold so you never exceed!

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No Obligations

When invoiced, decide whether to continue the next month. Don't continue, Don't pay invoice!

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Pay ONLY for the analysis you run! NEVER pay for parking the software when NOT used!

Key Features

Build Your Own Application

Choose ONLY the Apps YOU NEED. Don't clutter or pay for analytics you'll never use!

Self-Contained, No Nested Menus, Focused Apps

No nested menus or links! Go straight to your analysis by launching the App you need! Each App is for an intended purpose displaying only relevant outputs. EG: MSA.

Seamless Data Connectivity

Extract data from Excel. OR connect directly to your database (Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL).

User Accounts

Add as many users as you need to your account. Deactivate user accounts when required. Track usage by user.

Monthly Usage Threshold

Allocate a monthly usage threshold so you NEVER spend more than you budget for. Specify your usage threshold for the entire account or per user.

Automatic Updates

Each App is automatically updated with the latest features and analytics. Never fall behind! No upgrade hassles!

Uses machine-power for smarter insights, taking classical statistical methods out of the 100 to 300 year old time-capsule!

Mainstream statistical methods could not harness the power of the computer at time of inception. Machine-powered algorithms, based on 32 years of research and development, are now available, taking advantage of today’s technology to give more precise analytic insights not possible before.



What is Machine-Power

Analytics has its origins over several centuries ago. For example, Logistics Regression, often used in machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics....

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Machine Learning seems to be the latest ‘craze’ following the same path as ‘fads’ such as TQM, Kaizen, JIT, 6 Sigma, Analytics and recently Artificial Intelligence....

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Information Overload

Analysis is about converting data into information to help make decisions. But how much information do we need? This article concerns the problem of information overload.

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Already own software?

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