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Browse our vast range of quality assurance articles, bringing together 32 years real-world experience on the power of analytics used for driving quality excellence through data-driven insight. Find articles and technical papers covering topics from the traditional statistical principles of yesterday to augmented machine-powered analytics smarts of today. Includes FREE online quality assurance analytics tools including those for SPC, Process Peformance, MSA, Inferences and much more.


Quality Assurance Articles - Change Analysis, an alternative to shewhart control charts, a statistical analytics tool popularily used in Quality Assurance
Change Analysis
A modern alternative to Shewhart Control Charts

Change Analysis is used in quality assurance to detect changes in chronological ordered data. Using machine power algorithms....

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Quality Assurance Articles - Hybrid SPC, a statistical analytics tool for quality assurance combining shewhart control charts with change analysis
Hybrid SPC
Hybrid SPC in Quality Assurance (QA)

Hybrid SPC combines old technology with modern machine powered technology to provide greater insights into the process than possible with either....

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Quality Assurance Articles - Inferences, a data analytics tool for quality assurance.
Introduction to Inferences

Inferences are required in every aspect of life by every creature. There are many complex definitions of the meaning of inferences. Many of these are philosophical....

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Quality Assurance Articles - Inferences on sample size, used as a data analytics tool for quality improvement
Inferences - Sample Size
Sample size for Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing

There are two alternatives with regards to sample size for inferences. One alternative is to take a sample size....

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Quality Assurance Articles - Measure accuracy of your measurement devices required for effective statistical analysis for quality improvement
Measurement Systems Analysis
About Measurement Systems Analysis

Measuring some characteristic is done with measuring equipment, also called a gauge. A gauge can be defined....

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Quality Assurance Articles - Process capability analysis for quality improvement
Process Capability
Process Performance or Process Capability Analysis?

One school of thought suggests that Process Performance should only be performed during Phase I of SPC applications and Process Capability during phase II....

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Quality Assurance Articles - Process improvement as a data analytics tool for quality improvement
Process Performance
About Process Performance

Process performance analysis is used to see how good or bad your current process is performing in relation to non-conformances. Such knowledge can lead....

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Quality Assurance Articles - Acceptance sampling for quality improvement
Sampling Plans
Acceptance Sampling

There has been considerable controversy over the use and benefits of Acceptance Sampling. The objective of this small article is to provide a balanced perspective for practitioners to decide for themselves....

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Quality Assurance Articles - Statistical process control charts in quality improvement
Statistical Process Control
Classical versus Machine Powered Algorithms

SPC Charts were introduced by Dr. Walter Shewhart in the 1920s, based on six years of an investigation to "develop a scientific basis for attaining economic control....

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Qtech International has specialized in the development of quality information systems and data analytics technologies in quality assurance for leading manufacturing corporations for 30 years in 40 countries. Our research into machine-powered algorithms has spanned over 10 years, with foundation research being university supervised prior. Research has involved many sectors, including manufacturing, health, political campaigning, retail, finance and more. Our experience is now shared through our range of quality assurance articles exploring topics from statistical methods of yesterday to augmented machine-powered smarts of today.