Attributes Measurement System

The BIS.Net Team BIS.Net Team

Attributes measurement systems are a class of systems where outcomes are discrete, not continuous such as a weighing scale. Arguably most attributes gauges are the go-no-go type where a decision on a part is either accept or not accept.

Analysis of the performance of these systems varies and depends on the gauge and application. There is no singe method one can use.

However, since the biggest risk is at the limits (grey area) where accept or reject decisions are made it makes sense to quantify the measurement system with a Gauge Performance System in that region.

BIS.Net Analyst uses the Analytic Attributes Gauge R&R method, based on the MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS ANALYSIS Reference Manual Fourth Edition, AIAG. Manuals can be ordered from As this is a copyrighted manual the user needs to refer to this manual to obtain further information on the steps of conducting such a study.