Gauge R&R (Multiple Equipment, Multiple Appraisers, One Part)

The BIS.Net Team BIS.Net Team

A Gauge R&R (GRR), is used to study repeatability (by the same operator) and reproducibility (by different operators).

There are many applications where an organization has multiple sets of measuring devices (equipment) opening the possibility of variation between the different devices, which can introduce an additional source of error to measurements.

For this application, an Analysis of Variance is required to extract as much information as possible. Notably the ANOVA method, as opposed to the historical control chart methods, can detect interaction effects between appraisers and equipment.

Interaction effects may be strong if different models of measurement devices are used. However, caution should be exercised when using different models because the standard deviation may vary. If the standard deviations can be assumed to be constant, then this analysis is a great way to compare different measurement devices. If not, then perform the analysis only on the same model of different devices.

Output for such an analysis includes an Analysis of Variance, Performance Tables, Confidence Interval Tables, Powerful Reproducibility Charts, A probability plot and a Dart board to visualize the sources of variation introduced by the measuring system.