Find the BEST distribution

The BIS.Net Team BIS.Net Team

The Normal distribution has for decades, prior to modern computing power, been the most popular distribution even though real-world data does not follow the Normal-Distribution exactly. Many statistical tests assume a Normal distribution. Process capability analysis has historically assumed a Normal Distribution, resulting in significant errors which falsely concluded that the process was capable when it was not.

With modern computing power obtaining parameters for non-normal data is no longer the problem it was historically. The problem is knowing which distribution to use. Many distributions are similar in shape such as the Normal and Logistic distribution with major differences at the tail end. It is however the tail ends which are important for many applications, such as process capability analysis. Manually selecting a non-normal distribution risks choosing the best distribution for the application. Slight differences in process or environmental variables can affect the distribution.

The BIS.Net Process Performance APP uses a machine powered algorithm to find the best distribution for your data.

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