Privacy Policy

Please read the following privacy policy.


Your privacy is respected. We store only the bare minimum necessary information for account keeping, and system notifications

Some personal information is required. Name and company details are required for invoicing. Your email address is required to send system notifications, such as when a server is down for maintenance. Your email address is needed for activation so that we know you are who you say you are. Reducing fraudulent users improves performance. Your email address will not be used for promotional notifications. Each app has a notifications page, which you can view if you wish to do so.

For Credit Card transactions we do not see any details used to make payment. Once you proceed to checkout you will be redirected to a secure third-party PCI compliant checkout screen. When you enter your Credit card information it will only be visible in your browser.

Data required for analysis is sent to our secure servers. No personal information is sent with the data. No identifying information is sent with the data. All that is sent is encrypted data.

Other precautionary methods to protect your privacy include virus and fire wall protected servers, encrypted communications, systems that protect the integrity of our software, website and webservice source codes to prevent tampering.


We do not use cookies that contain personal information or to track your behaviour. We do not use cookies at all.


Our websites do not require passwords. The apps do require a password to login, to prevent unauthorized use of your credits by others. You have the option to save the password to avoid the ‘nuisance’ of re-entering each time you use the system. If you use this feature than the onus is on you to ensure no one can access your PC.